The science lovin’ bucko be havin’ a big heart, and always be willin’ t’ show us off to the other ponies.  No matter how crazy we may be.  And he be doin’ it with a smile on his muzzle.  I be happy t’ call him me big brother…if he let me.

((This is an appreciation post for Calpain of Equestria Daily, who’s Twitter link is above.  The guy has done a lot for Tumblrpon, in showcasing our crazy lil’ world to the biggest site in the fandom.  And like PD said, he does it with a smile on his face and asks for very little in return.  He doesn’t run an ask blog himself, but that doesn’t matter.  Calpain is a great ambassador for Tumblrpon and the community, and it shows in the fantastic Spotlights he posts.

Calpain was also suppose to be on the Tumblrpon panels at Trotcon and Bronycon this past summer.  But outside circumstances out of his control prevented him from being on both.  Add to that, his Bronycon experience was not the best, and he was feeling down about his job recently too.  I’ve been there about the job and know what it’s like, and it’s not a good feeling.  And I vow that he will be on a Tumblrpon panel in the future, and have a con experience that will be nothing but the best.

I’ve always been meaning to draw the science pone, and the urge has only increased recently.  Go to his Twitter and show your appreciation for him too, and let him know that he’s one of us.  Because he’s part of this great big Tumblrpon family, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.))

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