Like…worse than what the yellow pegasi did to me recently.  And don’t even be mentionin’ Chicago teams to him.

((One-off update that was inspired by watching today’s 5-4 Cardinals victory over the Pirates.  It also gave me a chance to do one of those ‘character with their mod’ pics.  Thoughts?))

  1. silverreaves answered: Tigers 5ever.
  2. drought-stoppers answered: Haha! I love it! … Of course, my blog is entirly based around them, so I’m a bit bias. But still! Awesome stuff!
  3. ask-little-emerald answered: I think that’s the first time I’ve seen you make a mod pic with your face uncovered, TJ! Well, kinda.
  4. susie-queen-of-the-vampireponies answered: were the gold
  5. potterponies answered: i like those mod/character pics. theyre usually pretty funny :D p.s. nice laptop
  6. rintisdahpartypony answered: I think they crushed the Brewers.
  7. haesyx answered: Ha 6-3 Pirates. Eat it Carson! (no offense though)
  8. skabuster answered: i think mod and pony pic are cool but are you from saint louis?
  9. viperath answered: I like it!
  10. askstalkingvinlyandoctavia answered: Root for them with a pen name.
  11. ask-fickleaura answered: Go Dojers!
  12. lord-poptart answered: i like it
  13. fyerfox answered: Love it. Also, dat Wii.