((So I got this in the mail today (much eariler than I expected too) from jolly ol’ England, as I was watching Olympic volleyball from jolly ol’ England.  I opened it up to find three cards from the BUCK pony card game, from the special Tumblrpon edition.  The ones I received were this blog’s very own Pirate Dash, Dead Rainbow Dash, and Hot Blooded Pinkie Pie.  The concept for the game was created by Urban Meadows, with the art for the cards done by Petirep of 'Rainbow Dash Presents' (which is a huge honor to see his take on PD :3).))

((These are some top-notch cards.  I’ve never really been into card games and such, moreso a baseball card collector growing up (which is now for MLP trading cards, but that’s for another post), but I will most definitely be picking up a set and playing the hell out of it.  The cards printed out extremely crisp and clean, the paper is of very good quality, and they feel great in your hand.  A full set (which I assume has the Tumblrpon cards too) of 200+ cards is around $40.  I know what my birthday money will be spent on :3  GO GET A SET!))

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