Happy birthday t’ some great mateys on Tumblr!

((This is how Pirate Dash celebrates the birthday of the mod of Raindrops, with alcohol-infused pastries.  But since I stalk people on deviantART too, it told me that the mods of Dead Rainbow Dash and MLCBlobs (the Queen of pony Tumblr) have upcoming birthdays as well.  So happy birthday to all three from Pirate Dash!))

Why did me mom let ye scallywags on Tumblr see that pic? *grumble*

((The first picture was a submission from Gearhorn from a couple weeks back, but I let my head and my head canon pop the second picture in my head.  Isn’t Pirate Dash an adorable little baby? ;3 Now go follow Gearhorn as thanks for dropping preciousness on us.))


We’ll see how she likes it.
(( So many tiny mistakes.  But I’m so lazy tonight! ))

((Cliffhanger?  Impending doom for Pirate Dash?  Someone with much better art and a bigger following actually is showing signs of doing a story arc with Pirate Dash?  I have to sit down from the excitement overload XD))

((Story arc time?  Story arc time.  But that means doing something that I never thought was even possible when I began Pirate Dash…suspending the ‘Ask’ button ;P I have over 100 messages, but some good ones to do a story arc with now.  I’ll let you know when it pops back up again.  Thank you again Trixie!  I owe you a lot here on Tumblr.))

Pirate Dash: Guess I got ye on ‘tilt’ bucko >3
Bookwork: *rolls eyes* Damn you Dash and damn the mod for poker terms no one probably knows….

Pirate Dash: Guess I got ye on ‘tilt’ bucko >3

Bookwork: *rolls eyes* Damn you Dash and damn the mod for poker terms no one probably knows….

((I know who be askin’ that first question.))

Ye be silent there AJ…

Ye be silent there AJ…

((And Pirate Dash has given you diabetes…))

((Of note though, this is a remix of a previous answer from months back.  But I have at least 500 more followers now than I did then, so I thought I would update it for the new watchers with much better art.  And apologies to Human Luna, but I can’t draw humans that well ;P))

That’s what ye get fer yer antics at the Best Young Flier’s contest!!!

((Pirate Dash has 500 followers.  When I began PD back in October, I did not think it was within the realm of possibility to reach that number, let alone did I think it would reach 100 followers.  But it has.  I’ve met so many great people here, and this Tumblr has been nothing but good things for me.  And I’m still amazed every time I hear what people think of my little alternative universe pegasus.  I don’t know how high Pirate Dash can go in terms of followers.  But no matter what, I thank and appreciate every single one of them.  So thank you again for helping me hit 500 followers!))